Welcome to Iam2Rich.com.

Iam2Rich.com is a project created for the richest of the planet, or people who want to pretend to be one of them.

On this website you can buy the Certificate of Wealth. Which shows the amount of money you have spend on this piece of art. The artpiece/Certificate of Wealth is then easily shared on all social media accounts, since you will receive it in your emailbox. But it also hangs beautiful on your wall at home, because you will also receive a printed version at your shipping address.

The Certificates of Wealth are not computer generated, so you receive them shortly after your purchase in your mailbox. Make sure you leave the correct email address during checkout. At the same time the Certificate of Wealth will be printed and then shipped to you.

Multiple Certificates of Wealth can be combined to get your desired amount you want to spend on this Certificate of Wealth. The specific amount will be displayed on your Certificate. If you buy multiple Certificates of Wealth they will be combined, unless differently stated in your order details.

All purchased Certificates of Wealth will be shared in the Gallery for verification purposes. Unless other desired.

For any questions or inquiries fill in the form below.